• Sustainable Landscaping For The Future of Mandeville Louisiana

    Sustainable Landscaping

    Sustainable Landscaping for the Citizens of Mandeville

    In today’s culture there has become increased emphasis on the environment. There is a media frenzy over the decomposing climate and the environmental footprint that each individual is leaving on the earth. It is the responsibility of all to decrease their personal impact on the earths ecosystems in all that we do. This includes starting in our own backyard, a method refereed to as sustainable landscaping.

    Sustainable landscaping is a form of lawn or yard care that emphasizes the balance between minimal input with increased output. There are many practices one can implement to meet sustainable landscaping standards. There are simple changes one can make in their gardening practices such as water and soil conservation, composting, pest management, a diversified plant and organism structure and no chemical usage.

    To conserve water it is suggested to use plants that are tolerant of droughts. You can increase the organic matter of your soil by mulch or compost. One can even decrease their environmental footprint by making their own compost and reducing kitchen waste! Successful pest management involves an integrated pest management plan, or IPM.

    Pests are inevitable but treating constantly with pesticides is harmful to the environment. So, having a multifaceted plan that includes crop rotation, sterilization, prescribed fires or genetic techniques is the workable solution. To diversify you plant and organism structure all one must do is pick plants that are native to your environment. Plants that naturally grow in your location require less water and effort for them to thrive.

    Many of the practices implemented in sustainable landscaping have been cultivated as a reaction to environmental problems. The increased natural droughts and wild land fires are a direct result of non sustainable practices. Therefore, the goal of sustainable landscaping is that the landscaping and architecture used in garden plots or communities will self-sustain for years to come and will cultivate our declining natural resources.

    There are limited natural resources and it is the responsibility of all to preserve the ones we have. A proper sustainable landscape practice can have positive benefits to the environment as well as your garden! You will find that you will save money and have increased productivity; all while decreasing garbage and preserving water.

    Sustainable landscaping takes much more planing than traditional landscaping, and if the idea of sustainable landscaping overwhelms you, there are many companies available to help you start small and create a master plan that will help your yard or garden last a lifetime.

    At Grass Patch we can help you create Sustainable Landscaping ideas for the future of Louisiana. Conserve water, save m0ney, and protect the environment today. Give us a call to ask how.