• Pet Damaged Grass in Mandeville Louisiana

    How our pet damaged grass can ruin our lawns and what we can do about it. Lawn Aeration Can bring back those dead areas.

    pet damaged grass

    Lawn for Aeration can help your yard recover from pet damaged grass

    Pet Damaged Grass and what you can do about it.

    We all are totally fond of our pets, but pet damaged grass can drive us crazy. Our pets bring us years of companionship, unconditional love, and loyalty. However, as enjoyable and gratifying as dogs are,  pet damaged grass continues to be a major problem for pet owners in Louisiana. The knowledgeable staff at Grass Patch Landscape Contractors in Mandeville, La, understands the unique issues involving grass and pets in the sweltering, hot Louisiana weather.

    Our pets first wear down the grass. Some folks call these ‘pet trails.’  Then comes the hot Louisiana sun. This combination causes dead areas in the lawns where the grass can no longer grow because water has difficulty penetrating the soil’s surface. Grass Patch in Mandeville, la are experts at recovering these dead ares and making them usable again.

    Lawn Aeration

    Aerating your lawn can be the first best step to take when pet trails are ruining your lawn. Aeration accomplishes two goals. First, it allows the soil to soak up water. As we all know, grass will not grow when there is no water. The roots seek  moisture as they spread out in search of water. When they find it the grass will grow. However, if the soil becomes too hard and compacted the roots can not penetrate the soil in search of moisture. Laws Aeration fixes this problem by loosening up the soil thereby allowing the roots to spread out in search of H2O.

    Grass Patch Landscape contractors in Mandeville, LA can bring back those dead spots in your yard by oxygenating the dirt using special machinery. We have the right equipment to penetrate your compacted and sun baked soil, thereby restoring your pet damaged grass. Give us a call at the number above for a fast friendly quote.