• Outdoor Lighting for your Mandeville yard

    Defining your personal space and creating the perfect backyard oasis begins with an idea for outdoor lighting. The exterior lighting of your yard or patio sets the mood and develops the scene for your home.

    outdoor lighting

    outdoor lighting can make a world of difference for your yard

    Outdoor Lighting Can Define Your Home

    Defining your personal space and creating the perfect backyard oasis begins with outdoor lighting. The outdoor LED fixtures in your yard or patio sets the mood and develops the scene. Using outdoor light fixtures to show off your homes architecture, in simple terms it increases your home value. From highlight a feature or to accent during special holidays were become popular uses of exterior illumination, but now the possibilities have become endless.

    Design lighting for yards allows one to create an outdoor living space. Your yard, garden space, deck or patio can become an extension to your home and have increased usability with lighting. Outdoor yard lighting can make a home feel welcoming, electrifying or dramatic, depending on the design you are going for. Deciding a direction can become daunting but there are many professional companies that specialize in exactly that.

    Low Voltage Yard Lighting for added security

    In addition to design, some prefer a well lit yard for safety reasons. Security lighting would be a practical use of outdoor lighting. An illuminated yard is one less likely to be vandalized and making sure your house numbers can be seen at night allows public service such as police or firemen to easily find your residence. And path lighting can allow for easy maneuvering at night. Moreover, exterior illumination around steps and walkways can reduce the chance of slip-and-fall accidents.

    Due to the increased interest in outdoor spaces, there are many types of outdoor lighting.

    The uses include:

    • Walkway
    • Deck
    • Patio lights
    • String
    • Globes
    • Hardscape
    • Motion-detecting
    • Solar
    • LED
    • Spotlights, which come in low-voltage, high-voltage or led versions

    Quality yard lighting can dramatically improve your landscape so having a well laid out plan in advance is highly recommended. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find a version that pleases you aesthetically and allows you to create your outdoor sanctuary.

    Outdoor Commercial Lighting

    If your business needs better illumination at night our land management specialists can assist you. Our lighting packages comply with all local building codes for St Tammany Parish. Give us a call at the number above for a free consultation. We can answer your questions and help you decide what type of illumination is best for your commercial business. The biggest consideration is to use regular or LED.

    Grass Patch Lawn and Landscape in Mandeville, LA is your number one source for Landscaping and Outdoor Lighting. Our land management professionals can recommend the perfect illumination scheme for your yard, patio, walkways, or decks. Raise the value of your home, increase security, and enjoy your outside living spaces today. Give us a call at the number above to find out how affordable outdoor lighting can be!