• Grass Pet Stains in your Mandeville yard and how to deal with them

    Grass pet stains from urine in your Mandeville Louisiana yard can be unsightly and difficult to deal with. Here is how Grass patch can help.

    grass pet stains

    Urine grass pet stain

    Grass Pet Stains caused by urine can be difficult to deal with

    Repairing dog urine stains and other grass pet stains in your yard can be time consuming and expensive. Grass Patch landscape contractors can help.

    Most people think that grass burns are caused by the acid in the dog’s urine. Of course, this is a logical assumption. However, the real culprit is the high nitrogen content. As we all know, vegetable plants can be easily burned when using too much nitrogen.

    The reason our pets have too much nitrogen in their urine is because they even diet that is high in protein. Keep in mind, however, that lowering your pet’s daily proteins is not healthy. So never adjust their diet to prevent brown patches in the yard. And never give your dog supplements just to reduce their pH level.

    The only real and safe way to prevent grass called is to immediately water area once the animal has urinated. One sustainable method is to recycle your bathwater. Simply fill up a couple of empty gallon milk containers to use after your dog urinates.

    The type of grass you use in your yard will also determines how well the grass can tolerate urine. Perennial grass is most resistant. Bermuda grass is one of the most susceptible to urine stains.

    At Grass Patch lawn and landscaping we can recommend the right type of grass to use in your yard that is pet friendly. There are other techniques that we can recommends as well.

    If you’re having trouble with grass pet stains why not give us a call at the number above. Will be glad to come out and repair the stains and recommend the right solutions for your situation. We have been helping our customers with their lawn and garden needs for over 23 years.