• The Best Garden Designs In Mandeville Louisiana

    For a beautiful looking yard choose from some of the best garden designs in Mandeville and Covington areas.

    Garden Designs Mandeville and Covington

    Best Garden Designs In Mandeville and Covington, LA

    A Few Great Looking Garden Designs for West St. Tammany Parish.

    If you want to create beautiful landscaping for your home there are four popular garden designs that you can use in the Mandeville area. The type of garden that you choose for a property might depend on its size, geographic zone and personal preferences. Nevertheless, these four designs below are considered the best garden designs in Mandeville Louisiana.

    Traditional English Garden Designs

    The British have inspired many individuals on the North Shore to create a traditional English garden that has large numbers of trees to provide shade along with a water feature such as a pond or lake. Additional features include a gazebo made of stone or creating stone pathways to walk between the flower beds. To enjoy this variety of garden, you want to have stone benches located in shaded areas that permit viewing the landscaping.

    An Inviting Wildlife Garden Designs

    For anyone who enjoys watching birds, mammals or insects, a wildlife garden is perfect for a home’s lawns. The best way to attract animals is by creating natural habitats that are inviting and provide food. A landscaper must understand the types of foliage to plant to encourage butterflies, robins or frogs to visit on a regular basis. This can require creating ponds, wildflower meadows or building boxes in trees for nesting.

    Private Rose Garden Designs

    Many individuals love caring for an assortment of species of roses and want a garden dedicated to this plant. A knowledgeable landscaper can create flower beds dedicated to different colors or varieties of roses. By planting numerous types of roses, you can have beautiful blooms for several months. No matter whether you are an amateur rose’s enthusiast or participate in contests to win prizes, having a beautiful rose garden is possible.

    Delicious Herb Plot Conceptions

    Herb Plot Conceptions are necessary to grow fresh culinary, potpourri or tea plants. Fresh herbs are essential for recipes, and you can enjoy these plants for most of the year when you have a good herbal garden. Some of the herbs that a landscaper can plant in a garden are mint, basil or lavender. With an herb garden, you can pick what you need on a lawn rather than driving to a grocery store.

    Call a Professional Landscaper

    There are more than a few types of Garden Designs that your local landscaping company can create on your property. Creating your own design will make the exterior individualized and much more enjoyable. Be sure to add some exterior lighting for accent and safety.

    At Grass Patch Lawn and Garden we take your ideas seriously. We can work with you to help you realize the perfect vision for your yard. Contact us now at the number above to learn about the ways you can have a unique garden-spot for your home.