• Flower Gardens Contractors Mandeville, LA

    There is something special about a flower bed blooming in the spring. Among the most beautiful flower gardens to gaze at are Carnations. The pedals look so soft as they sway back and forth in the wind. And, the color is beautiful.

    Lilies are another great flower to grow in Louisiana. Their light color and big blossoming pedals can make any yard, or even a ditch look great. They are easy to plant and can add much beauty around your home. They are a hearty plant to have in the yard.

    Chrysanthemums are a great flower to plant in the fall. They also have a lovely light color. The tiny little pedals and the pattern that the pedals create are amazing. By far, this is among the most popular flower gardens to have in Mandeville Louisiana.

    working at grass patch flower gardensNevertheless, the all time favorite garden plant for garden beds in the St. Tammany area is the red rose. Everyone knows roses symbolizes love. The red rose is absolutely the most beautiful flower to lay eyes on. Who can imagine a garden without roses?

    Adding these four very special flowers to your garden bed in Mandeville is sure to be the envy of all your neighbors. Call Grass Patch Landscaping in Mandeville, la. We are experts at designing and creating great looking gardens for your property. We have been making flower creations for the residents in Mandeville for over 23 years.

    Give us a call now. So little cost for such a great reward. Ask out our Residential Landscaping Service. You’ll be glad you did!